Children of Korea

Efforts for Medical Treatment of Children


Parents wish their children to grow up in good health.

Keeping their wish in minds, medical workers of the children’s hospital are exerting themselves to improve the health of the children.

Choe Yong Sin, Director of Nursing Service of the Okryu Children’s Hospital, says: “Unlike other hospitals, our hospital gives treatment to the children. So it is not easy to take care of the children according to their ages. Especially it is very important to take measures for treatment in time according to the ever-changing symptoms of the children. Therefore, we direct efforts to inducing all nurses to give skilful treatment.”

Usually, children cry with syringes.

The medical workers regard it as an important issue for improving the environment of treatment to keep the children from crying at the hospital. The solution was to improving the injecting skill of the nurses.

In fact, intravenous injection for little children was not an easy work. New nurses worried if they would not stick needle into the vein at a time or if their injection would be awkward enough to give pains.

The hospital gave demonstration lectures and made empirical discussions so that they could learn after the experiences of the old-hand nurses. The new nurses were taught how to lead nerves with amusing stories and encouraged to learn in the practice of medical service that their fingertips should be like eyes.

In order to master the finger touch for finding out the blood vessel promptly, they repeated the vascular tract touching, vascular fluctuation feeling and vein tapping hundreds of times a day.

As a result, their quality improved beyond recognition.

Choe Yong Sin says: “Seeing the children leaving the hospital after their complete recovery, we feel the greatest pride. We devote all our efforts to the medical service for the promotion of the children’s health.”

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