A Happy “Agony”


A big haul of fish was reported in the east coast of Korea in Juche 105 (2016).

In November that year, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited a fishery station.

Looking at the fish teeming in the temporary outdoor landing ground, he said with great satisfaction that it was really great and literally, it was the sea of fish.

But officials of the fishery station had an “agony”. The problem was how to process and dispose of the fish. Even the wives of the employees were mobilized but it was difficult to dispose of the daily-increasing amount of catch. So, when the “Tanphung” ships returned with a whistle of full load of fish, they were happy yet anxious.

Reading their minds, Kim Jong Un laughed a hearty laugh, saying: You were worried about the low catch of fish in the past. But now, you are taking pains to dispose of the caught fish in time as you catch too much.

At that time, an official candidly told him that when the “Tanphung” ships fully loaded with fish enter one after another, he is quite at a loss what to do.


Kim Jong Un was greatly pleased and said: How good it is! Sometimes I am tired, but when hearing such a happy story, I feel refreshed and a great pride of working and making revolution.

Saying so, he did not take his eyes off the piled-up fish.

Kim Jong Un went on to say: As we catch a lot of fish, we take pains to dispose of them in time. Indeed, we have a happy “agony”.

Like this, he finds a pride of life in the growing laughter of the people.

That day he earnestly told them to catch a lot of fish as he would solve all problems.

Later, the fishery station was fully equipped with quick freezing and refrigerating facilities and modern working processes.

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