Flower Counter Drawing People


Some months ago, a new counter selling dry flowers was set up in the hall of the second floor of the Pyongyang Department Store No. 1, attracting the attention of the people.

Dry flowers are very popular among the customers.


On the counter you can see dry-flower goods specially made with different kinds of flowers such as rose and zinnia and with natural plants including barley and foxtail millet.

Also displayed on the counter are ornamental flower goods including rare cactus.

Of course, they are different in kind, size and shape. But what evokes the people’s admiration is that all the dry-flower goods are reminiscent of elaborate craftwork.


The dry-flower goods such as flower basket, vase and flowerpot seem to give off fragrance.

Those goods are peculiar, including the dry-flower basket made by rose and zinnia whose flowers and stems were processed in a special way to preserve their originality, and the flower vase with natural plant whose chlorophyl was removed with reagent and into which pigment was put.

Assistant Chon Ok says: “The dry flowers almost keep the humidity and softness of natural flowers. So they do not crumble no matter how often they may be touched. As they have their original colours and figures, they can be used in decorating living rooms and offices in a peculiar way and also exchanged as souvenirs.”


One day a few years ago, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute, appreciated that the dry-flower goods had been made well and stressed the need to make diverse flower goods in various ways.

He took kind measures to serve the people with ornamental flower goods such as dry-flower goods. This is how the new counter selling dry flowers popular among people was set up in the department store.

Every flower makes the viewers pleasant and further enriches their cultural and emotional life.

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