Dream of a Soldier Comes True


The pencil picture “Story about the Dream of the Youngest Soldier of Our Company” was carried on the daily “Rodong Sinmun” on July 24, Juche 94 (2005).

Readers could not take their eyes off the picture.

Seen in the picture are a young soldier in a nap with his head on his arm laid on a hammer dreaming of seeing General Kim Jong Il in his company and soldiers shouting “The General has come!” in his dream.

The picture under the headline “From the Album of Pencil Pictures ‘Life of Soldiers'” was drawn by talented soldier-artist Hwang Chol Jin in his soldier days.

Here is a story about how the pencil picture drawn by an ordinary soldier, not a picture with the value of national treasure, was known all over and how the album of his pencil pictures came into being.

Before he was transferred to another post, Hwang Chol Jin left in his company tens of pencil pictures he drew in his soldier days including the one “Story about the Dream of the Youngest Soldier of Our Company” representing his ardent wish.

When the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un called at the unit in which Hwang was serving, he was told by a commanding officer that the company had pencil pictures drawn by a soldier. He told him to fetch the pictures, saying Kim Jong Il is most pleased to see the pictures vividly showing the life of soldiers.

And he looked at them one by one.

He was deeply impressed by the pictures before leaving the unit.

One day he called a commanding officer of the unit on the phone, and said: The pencil pictures drawn by the soldier are not mere sketches or rough drawings. It is not easy to draw instructive and agitative pictures. Today our era is demanding such militant art works.

And he proposed showing them to the great Kim Jong Il.

Those pencil pictures gave a great pleasure to Kim Jong Il who called at the unit.

Kim Jong Un was proud of Hwang Chol Jin who pleased Kim Jong Il.

He said: Only the soldier who experienced the life of soldiers can conceive and draw such pictures. Especially, the picture “Story about the Dream of the Youngest Soldier of Our Company” is a good work of cognitive and instructive significance which clearly reflects the noble mentality of the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army. It truly and impressively represents the dream and desire of the soldiers of the KPA who want to see Kim Jong Il.

Afterwards, Kim Jong Un proposed making an album of Hwang’s pictures.
That was how the album of pencil pictures “Life of Soldiers” came into being. Seeing it, Kim Jong Il said he would meet Hwang Chol Jin.

Unfortunately, however, Hwang was away on an official trip.

All felt regret.

Seeing them, Kim Jong Un said:

You don’t need to feel sorry. The works of a creator represent the creator himself. Kim Jong Il saw Hwang’s works seven times and talked about them seven times. Hwang met Kim Jong Il through the pictures representing his soul.

The dream of Hwang Chol Jin who wanted to see Kim Jong Il came true through the album of pencil pictures under the deep concern of Kim Jong Un.

Later, writer Choe Pong Mu wrote the short story “Seventh Meeting” dealing with those significant events.

His son Choe Kyong Hun says: “My father had been deeply moved by the pencil picture ‘Story about the Dream of the Youngest Soldier of Our Company’. Though aged, he covered the fact to write the story ‘Seventh Meeting’ which vividly represents the experience of the soldier-artist Hwang Chol Jin.

At that time many people sent letters to my father, in which they said in unison that they were deeply impressed by the great personality of Marshal Kim Jong Un.”

Hwang Chol Jin has grown to be a talented soldier-artist under the loving care of Kim Jong Un. He is creating a lot of works, greatly encouraging the people to the struggle for building a powerful socialist country.

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