National Dog – Phungsan


Phungsan Dog, a native breed of Korea, has been famous from long ago for its bravery, cleverness and vitality.

According to a researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences, various kinds of animals had lived in the northern uplands of Korea with thick forests in the middle ages. At that time, Korean people selected superior dogs among natives for hunting and propagated such hunting dogs in Samsu, Kapsan, Phungso, and Phungsan areas (now Kim Hyong Gwon County) of Ryanggang Province.

Phungsan Dog is one of them and its name is derived from this local name. The dog has thick and solid hind legs suitable for mountainous area and is resistant to cold and disease. Though this dog is of smooth nature and quite obedient to its keeper at ordinary times, it has a strong fighting spirit and bravery to tussle persistently for its keeper. That’s why it has been beloved by people.

It was registered as a state natural monument in April Juche 45 (1956) thanks to the state measure taken by President Kim Il Sung to preserve well the country’s vestiges and relics and scenic spots.

When visiting Ryanggang Province in May 1958, the President said that Phungsan Dog thoroughbred is a very good breed, underscoring the need to survey its thoroughbred.

Chairman Kim Jong Il indicated the issues arising in breeding Phungsan Dog and visited Kim Hyong Gwon County in the middle of the 1970s to take a step to quickly breed its thoroughbred. After all, a sanctuary for Phungsan Dog was arranged in the county.

In the DPRK, Phungsan Dog was listed as the national dog.

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