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Is It Possible to Control Objective Factors?

By Kim Chol Hyok

Many people say that they turn objective factors in their favour. But no one has heard that they control the objective factors. Is it really possible?

Objective factors to control the DPRK

What is the challenge facing the DPRK which set the building of an economic giant as its immediate fighting goal? It is none other than the economic pressure imposed by the hostile forces.

Consequently, it is impossible for this country to do export and import activities properly as a normal state. There is no limit to the scope of pressure, ranging from the import of strategic materials, equipment and other materials needed for economic construction to that of foods, medicines, sporting goods, cosmetics and other realms of people’s livelihood.

The country is subject to restriction in exporting its abundant resources and having trade dealings with other countries. Availing themselves of their control over the world financial system, the hostile forces made it impossible for this country to have banking transactions with other countries. They will surely check even the air flow into this country, if they have an ability to do so. It is by no means an exaggeration that the conscientious peoples around the world hold that the economic embargo against this country is inhuman.

Their aim is to crumble its economy and check its advance by all means. Such an economic pressure was applied not in one or two months but has lasted for several decades, getting evermore vicious in recent years. There would be no possibility for the DPRK to make progress in the eyes of outside forces.

Objective factors under the control of the DPRK

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in December last year is in the spotlight.

It stressed that the Korean people should not look for the way of getting themselves adapted to the objective factors to be controlled by them, but make an offensive for a frontal breakthrough to put the objective factors under their control.

The fierce showdown with the hostile forces is always accompanied by the work of building up one’s own forces. Only when priority is given to self-strengthening can one take the initiative in achieving victory. It is quite natural that objective factors can by no means exert an influence upon one’s own powerful internal might.

For this reason, the DPRK is making efforts to build up its internal might in all fields.

The electric-power industry, the arteries of the economy, is introducing new technologies for increasing the capacity of generators, and solar heat, wind power and biomass energy are in wide use. The non-ferrous metal industry as well as the ferrous metal industry put an end to their dependence on coking coal, and various projects aimed at boosting productivity are being pushed ahead. The machine-building and light industries are making efforts to introduce CNC technology and full automation into their production lines.

These days, the country is stepping up the building of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory and the establishment of the C1 chemical industry, which are of paramount importance in developing agriculture and light industry. Last year it reaped a bumper harvest that exceeded the peak-year level. A fibre production system relying on domestic raw materials and resources is being set up. An offensive for making a frontal breakthrough is being launched in all sectors of the economy, culture, diplomacy and national defence. Eye-opening successes are being made particularly in such sectors as science and technology, public health and national defence.

Not a few people will express their doubts whether the DPRK can really control objective factors or not.

They are advised to see the achievements made by the Korean people in 2019: they facelifted Samjiyon City and built the large-scale Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort even in the teeth of harsh economic pressure of outside forces and brought about remarkable growth in the overall economic sectors.

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