Inspiring Officials with Patriotism


The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un always leads the officials to fulfil their duty as true servants of the people.

One day in July Juche 101 (2012), he met officials and said:

“The officials should not simply worry about their country with folded arms, but become genuine patriots devoting themselves to the country.”

The slogan “We serve the country and the people!” presented by the Workers’ Party of Korea is a patriotic slogan they should hold high. The officials should burn their hearts with greater patriotic enthusiasm than anybody else for the country and people and always work hard in the vanguard of the people’s patriotic struggle.

The officials who have to serve the people should work their fingers to the bone with patriotism to make the country prosperous and provide the people with abundance in life. Then the people will be grateful to and proud of the Workers’ Party all the time.

Rim Chan Song, Secretary of the Ryokpho District People’s Committee of Pyongyang City, says: “The precious instructions of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un brought home to the officials what stand and attitude they should work with for the country and people.

When the officials of the power organs work harder with responsibility for the people’s livelihood, shouldering all burdens, the people will have greater love for and deeper trust in socialism.”

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