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Why Do Koreans Love Socialism?

The Korean people have a strong attachment to socialism. They are ready to sacrifice themselves to defend their socialist system. Why?

It is because socialism is a society free from inequalities.

A politician in the Western world deplored the fact that no more than 100 families in the world have properties exceeding those of over 2 billion people, noting that the capitalist system produces terrible social inequalities.

Bessie Coleman, the first black woman pilot in the world, used to say that sky was the only place free from bias for her. She was the best mathematician in her class during her school days, but she was subject to discrimination because of one and only reason that she was a coloured woman. Only when she was making a flight in the sky free from racism, could she have peace of mind.

But such inequalities between the rich and the poor, nobles and commoners, and occupations, social positions and sexes common in the Western world can be found nowhere in the DPRK.

The Korean people have exercised the same rights under the socialist system for over seven decades and acquired the habit of forming a large family in which all members of society help and lead one another forward, sharing weal and woe with each other.

If there is a society where a handful of people enjoy a luxurious life in palatial mansions or villas, whereas most of people look enviously at them. And if there are schools separately for children of the rich and those of the poor. The Korean people will never support such a society.

Another reason why the Korean people love their socialist system is attributable to the fact that they are the masters of society.

Such slogans as “We serve the people!” and “Everything for the people, everything by relying on them!” are seen in the DPRK.

They are by no means symbolic slogans. In reality, the Korean people are the masters of everything and everything in society serves them. Workers are elected deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly—MPs in other countries—and reflect their opinions and demands in working out the State policies and carry them out. Government organs, hospitals and schools are built for the sake of people, and holiday camps and sanatoria built in excellent places also serve them. Such State policies as free medical care and free compulsory education have been invariably enforced.

This stark reality is the charisma peculiar to socialism, which capitalism can never imagine nor imitate.

What a happy thing it is for the people to become full-fledged masters of society, exercise their rights to the full and lead a life as befits the masters of everything.

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