Savior of 107 Children


Merited Doctor Choe Sun Ok, head of Ryongsan-ri People’s Hospital in Junghwa County, North Hwanghae Province, completely treated 107 children suffering from cerebral palsy last year alone.

An excellent doctor with high skills and devoted service

After graduation from Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, she has devoted herself for the treatment of patients for 38 years. She also cured many patients from different parts of the country.

Ri Ryong Gwon from a border city of Sinuiju has suffered from a serious aphasia and dyskinesia until 16. She cured him completely in five months. Now he is able to ride a bicycle.

She devoted herself to curing Ri Son Jong, a 10-year-old girl from Uiju County, North Phyongan Province. The girl has suffered from aphasia, hypomnesia and dyskinesia. It was her mother’s wish to hear her daughter calling “mother.”

After Choe buckled down to the treatment of the girl’s disease, the condition of the patient began to change. The girl stopped all-day-long drooling and began to run her tongue. The central nerve of memory came back to life. It took her one month to remember the numbers from one to ten and ten days to hold a pencil properly. Six months later, the girl left the hospital with a new appearance.

Benevolent system

Many foreigners have visited the Ryongsan-ri People’s Hospital.

One year, over 40 foreigners from Southeast Asian countries asked her about her experience and the secret of her medical practice.

She answered she has only made efforts to implement the public health policy of the State on combining Koryo medicine and western medicine.

A foreigner asked her again why she, a renowned doctor, has worked at a small hospital in a remote mountainous village, and whether she has been paid high salaries than other hospitals.

She replied: In our country where man is regarded as the dearest there are no good and poor workplaces. I am working at a small hospital in the countryside in order to live up to the benevolence of the country which gave me free education from a kindergarten to the university and put me forward as a health worker.

Whenever her patients and their family members praise her as their lifesaver, she says that they owe the benevolent socialist system their life.

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