Might of Juche Korea Strengthened Under His Distinguished Leadership


In 2012 Korea and her people were faced with manifold trials and difficulties.
Taking advantage of the unexpected demise of the great leader Kim Jong Il, a great national misfortune, the hostile forces were further intensifying their moves to suffocate socialist Korea.

On April 13, Juche 101 (2012) the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un was elected First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the Fifth Session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly according to the unanimous will and desire of the entire Korean people.

It was a great fortune of the country and people to have him at the centre of unity and the centre of leadership.


Over the past eight years Kim Jong Un has defended the supreme dignity and sovereignty of the country and nation and led the Korean revolution along the road of victory and glory despite manifold trials and difficulties.

Under his wise leadership the eternal foundation for the everlasting victory and prosperity of the nation could be laid and a heyday of great leap ushered in on this land, striking the world people with admiration.

His energetic leadership was the motive force which enabled the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state to shine as the Party and state of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and their revolutionary history to continue on this land.

Kim Jong Un brightly indicated the road ahead of the Party and the motherland with his brilliant wisdom and energetic ideological and theoretical activities.

His ideas and theories represent the firm faith of undauntedly advancing along the road of socialism chosen by the people without yielding to any foreign pressure, the indefatigable will of overcoming all trials and difficulties and the strong national self-respect of outdoing the world with gigantic creation and epoch-making changes.

Kim Jong Un put the dignity and might of Korea on the highest plane.

He regarded it as the core of defence upbuilding to make any forces dare not use arms against our state and worked heart and soul to develop new latest weapons.


The remarkable successes made in the field of national defence under his leadership are a historic deed that demonstrated the tremendous strength of Juche Korea all over the world.

Kim Jong Un made a great leap forward and changes in the building of a powerful socialist country as well.

Leading the building of a powerful socialist country, he roused the Korean people to work fresh miracles and make innovations and praised their feats.
All his thinking and activities are run through with his steadfast will to provide the people with all happiness.

Under his devoted efforts a new spirit of the era was created and Korea is developing, doing 10 years’ job in one year, to the admiration of the world people.


His wise guidance is the fundamental source guaranteeing the might of the DPRK.

The epic of love for the people can be heard in all parts of Korea. This reality is unthinkable apart from the distinguished leadership of Kim Jong Un.

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