Economic Development & Construction

Dozens of Kinds of Knitwear Products Turned Out


The Aeguk Knitwear Factory in Central District, Pyongyang, gives primary attention to the development of new products.

“Our factory is simultaneously pushing ahead with the improvement of the quality of knitwear and development of new products,” said Han Yong Bom, chief engineer of the factory.

The factory management opened a new products development office staffed with technicians and skilled workers and regularly organizes the work to provide the sci-tech learning space with additional technical data related to knitwear and the visits to commercial service facilities to widen their horizons.

It also holds a factory-wide prize contest and show every week to select the quality of cloth according to designs produced there and decide the technical specifications for designs, clothes-making and wearing test. In the course of it, various styles of knitwear have been developed.

The newly developed elastic knitwear product is convenient to use as elasticity is added to it and unlike the previous ones made in a single colour or striped patterns, functional sweaters are produced in various styles to meet the needs of all ages.

In particular, knitted fabrics are wholly or partially printed for several kinds of children’s knitwear unlike the previous single-coloured ones to catch the consumers’ eyes.

“The factory’s new products are popular at public service networks including the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort as they are of good quality and stylish,” said Ryom Hyang Suk, a staffer at the factory management.

The factory has recently developed and produced dozens of kinds of new knitted goods including ten kinds of elastic knitwear, six kinds of sportswear for students, seven kinds of sweaters for children and adults, various kinds of children’s knitwear and a new style of undershirt and delivers customers’ orders.

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