Kind Request

The Daesong Department Store has been wonderfully rebuilt and extended in April Juche 108 (2019) in line with the requirements of the modern architecture.

It is a comprehensive and multi-functional centre rendering commercial, welfare and public catering services.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un finds his pleasure in the happiness of the people. He visited the Daesong Department Store in April Juche 108(2019) and showed warm love for the people.

He expressed great satisfaction over the department store which would make a substantial contribution to improving the quality of the people’s material and cultural life.

He said that as the department store has been wonderfully rebuilt, it is possible to supply capital citizens with larger quantities of quality foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, household articles, sundry goods for daily use, school things and goods for cultural use.

Looking round the department store in detail for long hours, he underscored the need to sell sufficient daily necessaries and mass consumer goods of high quality for the people’s convenience in life.

And he specially emphasized that the officials and employees of the department store should perform their duty as servants of the people.

Ryu Hyon Ok, Manageress of the Daesong Department Store, says: “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited our department store deep at night.

He gave important instructions that the employees should regard as a guideline in their service activities.

Saying it is necessary to pack the goods well in various forms according to the demand of customers, he stressed on packing souvenirs well before selling them.

And he reiterated that the employees should improve their service and qualifications and adopt kind methods for the people in their service activities.”

Always keeping his kind request deep in their hearts, the employees of the Daesong Department Store are working hard to fulfill their responsibility and duty as servants of the people.

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