Economic Development & Construction

Historic Option of Self-Supporting Economy

The great leader Kim Il Sung devoted his all to building a powerful socialist country independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence from the initial days of building a new country after liberation.

After liberation, Korea had an economy of centuries-old backwardness by the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. Under the condition it was not easy to build an independent national economy. Furthermore, Korea had no experience in rehabilitating the devastated economy and lacked everything such as technology and fund.

On the first day when he returned home after national liberation, Kim Il Sung said that if we haven’t our own powerful material and economic strength, we can neither consolidate the political independence of the country nor strengthen the defence capability and in the end, we will be deprived of our country.

He thought of the two principled issues on the important task of building an independent national economy.

One of them was that if we depend on foreign aid without our own assets, we cannot escape from the lot of servant in debt and accordingly, we should build our economy with our own efforts.

Another one was that since our people decided to live independently, the pressure and blockade of the dominationists are inevitable and we should have our own powerful material and economic strength to break them through in any case.

It was his will and faith that prosperity cannot be brought by begging and the genuine economic development cannot be achieved by depending on others.

Kim Il Sung put forward a correct line and policy to build an independent national economy, the untrodden path nobody had blazed, with our own resources, technology and strength. And he forcefully roused the popular masses to implement the line of building an independent national economy.

In 14 years he accomplished the historic cause of socialist industrialization and built socialism dignified with independence, self-reliance and self-defence.

The solid foundation of the independent national economy left by Kim Il Sung to the Korean people became the asset for prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.

Thanks to his wise guidance, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea could achieve the development and prosperity of Korean style on the basis of its economic foundation.

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