For the Health of Inhabitants

One day in March, a woman was taken by bus to the Mangyongdae District People’s Hospital in the capital Pyongyang.

Doctor Jo Yong Sun says: “The patient lost her consciousness before she was brought to our hospital. Her blood pressure and pulse were all zero.”

Though they could not identify her name and address, medical workers of the hospital diagnosed her sickness in a short time and immediately performed an operation to save her from danger.

The patient came to herself at midnight and saw a doctor and nurse taking care of her by her bedside.

She was Kim Song Hui living in Sunan District. On her way to Mangyongdae District she had suddenly fallen unconscious and been in the critical situation in the bus.

After operation, doctors brought tonics and special foods for her nutritional care with kindred affection.

Informed of her late, her family members and relatives came to see her and they were deeply moved by the warm sincerity of the medical workers of the hospital.

Not only her kinsfolk but also many other inhabitants appreciate the sincerity of the medical workers of the Mangyongdae District People’s Hospital. An old man living in Chukjon-dong No. 2 felt an affection of his daughter from the doctor who sincerely cured his illness, and a boy from Kallimgil-dong No. 1 who had an operation for acute appendicitis followed his nurse like his elder sister.

Such medial workers are found everywhere in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to protect the people’s health.

Thanks to them, the people fully enjoy the benefits of the socialist health system.

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