Teacher Called “Researcher in Sports Science”


Teacher Ri Hyon Suk at the Pyongyang College of Cookery is called “researcher in sports science” by the teaching staff of the college.

In Juche 105 (2016) she began teaching at the Pyongyang College of Cookery after graduating from the Korea University of Physical Education. It was only a few years after she became a teacher but she achieved many successes in researches into sports science and applied them to teaching.

Ri Hyon Suk says: “Physical education has peculiarity, compared with other subjects. Of course, other subjects necessitate preparations and review. But the physical education demands a lot constant practice and consolidation. Generally speaking, sports make people consume a lot of energy and demand larger quantity of motion in a short time. In case of students, it is not so easy for them to be well versed in an event only through lectures on physical education.

Giving the lectures on physical education, I thought it was necessary for the students to get a wide-ranging knowledge of a subject first of all in order to master it in a short span of time.

So, I collected data needed for the lectures and on their basis, made researches with main stress on increasing the cognitive power of the students.”

Her researches were oriented to enabling the students to have at least one sports technique during the school days. She never stopped her researches even a moment, though she was busy giving lectures every day.

In those days she wrote reference books and essays and made programs such as “Teaching Method for Increasing the Cognitive Effectiveness of the Lessons in Physical Education” and “Multimedia Program for the Lessons in Physical Education”.

She received several registration certificates of sci-tech successes, educational and scientific successes and new teaching methods as well as patents and was highly estimated at a national meeting for presenting the experiences in teaching. And she was awarded an academic degree in Juche 107 (2018).

Her research findings of sports science enable her to achieve successes in teaching.

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