Economic Development & Construction

Kim Jae Ryong Inspects Various Units


Kim Jae Ryong, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, member of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and premier of the Cabinet, inspected the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, the Sungri Motor Complex and the Namdok Youth Coal Mine.

Making rounds of several workshops of the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, Kim Jae Ryong stressed the need to ensure the best quality of the generating equipment by enhancing the responsibility and role of the technicians and skilled workers.

At the Taean Electric Appliances Factory he said that the factory should work out business and management strategies in a scientific and realistic way and meticulously organize and guide production and cut down the cost of production to the maximum so as to supply more efficient motors to various sectors of the national economy.

The field consultative meetings took measures to adjust and reinforce overall production processes on the basis of the advanced science and technology and give precedence to the supply of materials so as to produce modern machinery and equipment.

Meanwhile, he discussed the updating of production process and production of new goods at the Sungri Motor Complex and inspected the Namdok Youth Coal Mine to underline the need to increase coal production for thermal power generation.

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