For Educational Development of the Country


The Educational Books Publishing House in the capital city Pyongyang is a press organ which was established for the first time in the educational sector of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a comprehensive publishing base for general educational books including textbooks, reference books, extracurricular books and other books for different levels of schools in the field of general education and for universities of education and teachers training colleges.

Over more than 70 years since its foundation, the publishing house has played an important role in steadily improving the quality of education and preparing the new generations as talented personnel with versatile knowledge and noble morality.

Last year alone it published many books and helped the children develop their intelligence and the students consolidate what they learned. Those books are popular among children and schoolchildren for their intuitive and comprehensive contents and styles suited to their sentiments. They include the books titled “World Literary Masterpieces in One Book”, “Handbook of Korean Synonymous Particles”, “Education in the Era of Knowledge-Based Economy”, “Friend of Math Olympics”, “Three-Dimensional Toys Easy to Make” and “Let’s Find out Answers”.

Department Director Paek Yong Chol says: “Unlike the past, it has become a main direction to put the educational contents on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis and the teaching methods to prepare all students as active pursuers are completed all the more. Today the significance of textbooks, reference books and extracurricular books becomes greater. We are devoting all our wisdom and passion to write and edit more books helpful to improving the qualifications of teachers and developing the mental faculties of students in accordance with the world trend of educational development.”


The publishing house, in close contact with the relevant scientific research and educational institutions, is compiling those books for the students to fully receive universal 12-year compulsory education.

It induces the journalists and editors to know well the world trend of educational development and acquire rich knowledge.

When new teaching methods are invented, mutual cooperation is strengthened to write books conducive to raising their effectiveness.

The publishing house is progressing the work to keep publishing serials of favourite books of students including the collections of writings of students with distinguished creative talents.

The Educational Books Publishing House is playing an important role in bringing about a change in education in the new era. It will actively promote the educational development of the country.

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