Development of Aerial Stunts in the DPRK

Aerial stunt is one of popular acrobatic programs in the DPRK.

Aerial Flying (1955) was the first of its kind staged in the country. At that time the acrobats flew the distance of only 2-3 metres and made two and a half somersaults in the air at best.

It was since the 1970s that the acrobatic pieces featured unique artistic presentations and difficult techniques, putting the country’s aerial acrobatics on the track of rapid development.

Male and female acrobats flew the distance of more than 12 metres between several trapezes and frames, performing a series of somersaults and stunts.

Over ten aerial stunt pieces have been created so far, including Double Trapezes, Flying Girls, and Let’s Fly Higher.

The DPRK’s aerial stunt pieces are also highly appreciated in the international arena.

Trapeze Flying won the gold prize in the fifth international circus festival held in France in 1981, and similar pieces were awarded top prizes in the circus festivals in Monte Carlo, Wuqiao of China, Rome and other countries of the world. Besides, they took the first places in the world acrobatic Olympics in 1983, and eighth and ninth world acrobatic championships.

Kim Myong Bong from the National Acrobatic Troupe was awarded the Guinness World Records Certificate for performing four backward somersaults in the air in the physical stunt Conquerors in November 2012.

At present the DPRK acrobats are performing five somersaults in the air.

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