Comprehensive Public Service Facility Four Decades On


The Changgwang Health Complex was built on the banks of the Pothong River in Pyongyang in March 1980 as a large-scale comprehensive hygienic and cultural public service facility.

It is largely consists of sections for bath, wading and swimming.

The bathrooms at the health complex are widely known throughout the DPRK enough to coin such an expression of the Changgwang Health Complex-style bathhouse.

The circular four-storey bathhouse has individual bathrooms, face treatment room, barber’s shop and beauty salon on the ground floor, public bathrooms on the first and second floors, and individual and family bathrooms and massage rooms on the third floor.

The public bathrooms, which take the biggest proportion in the health complex, are furnished with supersonic wave bathtub, sauna and shower. Bathers can have a rest drinking beer after baths.

Air-conditioners always provide fresh air and suitable temperature to the interior.

According to Jo Hui Sun, chief of attendants, the bathhouse can accommodate over 10,000 people a day.

The wading pool is linked with the bathhouse, as well as the swimming pool.

It consists of indoor and outdoor pools.

The depth of water is from 60cm to 1.2m according to the inclination of the floor and the pools are equipped with such auxiliary facilities as float, slide and sauna.

The over 2,000-seater swimming pool is provided with all conditions for national and international events and has underwater lighting facilities for synchronized swimming.

“The quality of water for bathhouse and wading and swimming pools is as high as drinking water,” said Choe Chol Jung, an official of the complex.

“At the outset of the construction it was designed to recycle water. But after being told about it, Chairman Kim Jong Il took a measure to directly draw water from the Taedong River so that the health complex could supply water on the principle of drawing out all the water and refilling it 100 percent, saying even one percent old water cannot be allowed,” he added.

As he gave field guidance on several occasions at its construction site, the Chairman reportedly provided meticulous guidance for the successful construction of the health complex, a gift presented to the Pyongyang citizens by the Workers’ Party of Korea.

According to him, the Chairman named it the Changgwang Health Complex in the meaning that it is a blue and shinning house symbolizing a happy and cultural life of people.

The complex was awarded the Order of the National Flag 1st Class and selected as one of the top ten informatization model units in 2019 for its achievements made in service and management and modernization.

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