Economic Development & Construction

Complex Taps Reserves To Establish New Power Generation System


The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex recently set up a power production system with a capacity of well over ten thousand kilowatts.

“The system was given a test run late last year and now it is generating several thousand kilowatts of instantaneous power. It will produce more if it is put into normal operation,” said Hong Chol Nam, deputy chief engineer for production.

The new power generation system was made by remodelling the process of handling steam generated at the large boiler which works for supplying steam for the production of fertilizer.

It produces steam needed for power generation by burning the remaining dust coal after extracting the main raw-material gas from the fertilizer production process and adding various kinds of waste gas from ammonia raw-material gas generator to it.

To establish the new power production system, the complex developed a process of reducing the high-pressure steam to low pressure and purchased five boilers, over a dozen turbines, six electric motors and two tens-of-thousand-kilowatt capacity generators.

It also developed and introduced a new program to monitor in real time and realize the automatic control over the power production system and made power generating equipment including an efficient measurement protection device, large transformer and circuit breaker.

Electricity generated here is used for lighting at various public welfare facilities and residential quaters as well as the hospital, kindergarten and nursery of the complex.

Engineer Pak Ryong Ho said if they operate the generating equipment at full capacity, their power output will be enough to satisfy the needs of a fairly big county and they can supply electricity to major local industry factories in Anju, South Phyongan Province.

Now, the complex is focusing on the solution of technical problems that arise in making the new power production system noise-free and eco-friendly.

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