Outlook On People


The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory in October Juche 108 (2019).

Seeing every trial medical appliance produced at the factory, he personally sat on a consulting bed and universal dental chairs.

Saying the sponge feels a little hard, he gave specific instructions on making the headrest softly well as people have to sit with their heads bending backwards for a long time.

Kim Jong Un considered first the convenience of the people.

Pointing at the side protection frame of the gurney, he said it has not reached high level in accuracy yet and stressed the need to correct all the defects after trying the medical appliances carefully.

He earnestly said: Of course, it is important to make a lot of medical appliances needed for protecting the people’s lives. But it is, first of all, necessary to produce them in a qualitative way. This is the issue of viewpoint on the people.

As said above, he gives top priority to and absolutizes the interests and convenience of the people and finds his greatest pleasure and satisfaction in the work for the people. There are many stories telling about his noble love for the people.

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