Nature & Green Energy

New Products From Recycling


The Pyongyang Taehung Fur-Tanning and Exchange Company is producing new goods through active recycling.

The gloves, leather shoes, fur cap and fur coat produced by the company are well known at home.

What is drawing public attention in recent years is the protein feed additives in wide use for livestock raising and the fertilizer of amino acid nutrient solution with great effect in crop cultivation. Those products have been obtained mainly from the livestock fur, the waste from the production process.

A few years ago, the company had a lot of discussions on how to dispose of the livestock fur.

If the livestock fur which is not easily degraded even after a long spell of time is carelessly thrown away, it might damage the ecological environment of the country. But they could not burn the fur because they regretted for a lot of protein contained in it.

They took it as an important issue to find out a way to extract and use its protein.

They called on scientists of the State Academy of Sciences to discuss the way and all the employees discussed it together time and again. While making an analysis of sci-tech data in the field, they were able to get clues and finally, succeeded in making the fertilizer of amino acid nutrient solution and developed the feed additives.


They recycled the leftovers from the processing of livestock fur to make soap and put the production of feed additives on an industrial basis.

So, the company was awarded a number of sci-tech success registration and introduction certificates and patents.

It was a fruition of the pursuit and enthusiasm of the employees of the company that they have turned the leftovers regarded as useless ones in the past into different kinds of goods with great profitability and noticeable in the technical aspect.

The idea of changing the heap of garbage into treasure can be conceived only by those people who value all the wealth of the country and are determined to tap and enlist the reserves and possibilities to the fullest and thus create a larger amount of material wealth.

Engineer An Ok Sim says: “Profitability is important in the recycling by use of waste, I think. We will make positive efforts to perfect the recycling processes and study and introduce different methods to get maximum profits with lowest costs.”

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