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Lecturer Challenges Century-old Quantum Theory


A DPRK scientist has reexamined the basis of quantum mechanics which, with Einstein’s theory of relativity, constitutes the twin pillars in the development of physical science.

Quantum mechanics takes on ever-growing importance now when man’s sphere of domination is expanding toward space.

Regrettably, however, quantum mechanics is still hiding too many things for man. A typical example is the explanation about the existence and movement of particles, which is the main concept and principle of this physical branch.

Over the past 100 years, the physical world has witnessed a serious conflict on this matter between the viewpoints based on statistical explanation started by Einstein and complementarity principle by Bohr.

To the age-old dispute, Jong Chol, lecturer at the materials science and technology faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology, suggested a groundbreaking opinion.

In March last year, he published a study paper entitled “Ensemble in phase space: Statistical formalism of quantum mechanics” in the Pramana Journal of Physics of the Indian Academy of Sciences.

“The core of the paper is to prove the contradiction in the explanation of fundamental basis of the present-day quantum mechanics and to develop new theoretical basis,” said Jong Chol. “It proved that quantum mechanics should be formulated in phase space instead of the present configuration space and that the Schrodinger equation is an approximation, derived a new fundamental equation and suggested a new methodology for explaining quantum-mechanical phenomena using the equation.”

The paper shook the physical world as soon as it was made public online.

A judge commented that the essay was an interesting and stimulating attempt at expanding the foundational base of quantum theory. Another judge said that every new approximation of quantum mechanics devised from a different standpoint in comparison to standard theory should always be welcome and the paper should be published without any revision.

The Lambert Publishing offered Jong to publish free of charge the book “Quantum mechanics based on statistical ensemble in phase space”. The book got an ISBN and, thereby, was sold through bookstores worldwide such as Morebooks Publishing, Amazon UK and Amazon US, Hachette and through more than 80,000 booksellers.

Jong received invitations to international gatherings of renowned scientists including the International Conference on Physics and Networks USA 2019, Physics Annual Research Meet 2019 and SCON World Congress on Optics, Photonics and Laser Technologies.

It was the common view of the organizers of the international meetings that Jong’s theory is original in conception, scientific and specific in research and unimaginable in amplitude of successfulness.

Jong’s paper is also expected to shake up the circles of philosophy and experimental physics.

Fascinated by physics, he majored in the subject at Kim Il Sung University, when he already doubted the fundamental basis of quantum mechanics. He is now working hard to further his achievement which is the brainchild of over 20 years of painstaking efforts.

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