For More Medical Scientific Research Findings


Elated by the construction of a modern general hospital for the people in the capital Pyongyang, the medical workers of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are working hard to honour the socialist health system.

All the teachers and researchers at the Faculty of Clinical Medicine of the Pyongyang University of Medicine devote themselves to medical scientific researches conducive to the education and medical services.

Department Head Kim Yong Dok says: “It is very important in the development of public health of the country to develop the medical science and technology and apply them to education and clinical practice. Our department is actively introducing advanced medical science and technology into the clinical practice.”

They are making efforts to solve the urgent scientific and technological problems in the public health services and introduce up-to-date treatment methods based on the advanced medical science and technology.

They take significant research tasks upon themselves and make strenuous efforts to carry them out, while delving into latest documents.

They discuss the cases of diseases and the remedies and share their knowledge and experiences at the consultative meeting of the department to achieve many successes in the research and introduction of advanced medical science and technology.

Recently, they introduced a new technology into the operation on hypophysoma and the operation for removing hematoma, lessening operative burdens and shortening the operating time and convalescence.

They applied micro-surgical operation method to the cerebral tumors, which had been most difficult in the past, thereby making it possible to remarkably increase the accuracy of the operation and curative effects.

They are also directing efforts to applying to teaching the achievements of medical technology whose advantages have been proved in the clinical practice.

Department Head Kim Yong Dok says: “We will further develop the neurosurgery by actively introducing latest medical science and technology and thus perform our duty as educators training talented personnel possessed of high medical science and technology.”

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