Video: Kindergarten Teachers Practice Martial Art


Kim Jin OK is a teacher of Mirae Kindergarten on Mirae Scientists Street in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang. She obtained the first dan of Taekwon-Do last year.

What is surprising is that not only she but all the other teachers, including headmistress, are gup and dan holders.

Kim started to learn Taekwon-Do since 2018 when the state took a measure to teach the national martial art from the stage of kindergarten.

“We came to keenly realize that we should learn Taekwon-Do from ourselves in order to teach children the orthodox martial art of the Korean nation,” said Kim Myong Sil, a section chief of the kindergarten.

The kindergarten teachers began to learn the martial art from the instructors of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee at leisure.

In the course of this, they realized that Taekwon-Do is helpful for not only building up physical constitution but also improving moral culture and stability and intellectual power.

With their skills increasing gradually, the kindergarten saw the increasing number of gup holders. The teachers completed “Taekwon-Do for children” which can be performed to the tune of music. It was represented into multimedia presentation and distributed to the kindergartens across the country.

According to the teachers, the children at Mirae Kindergarten have witnessed improvement in their growth and development as well as the cultivation of concentration ability and collective power since they buckled down to training.

“My son was so cold in his nursery days that he liked to play alone, but he became active and sociable as he learned Taekwon-Do at the kindergarten,” said Kim Sun Jong, mother of a boy attending at Mirae Kindergarten.

“Taekwon-Do is an event that can be practised at any time, irrespective of any special apparatuses or place. I perform pattern movements alone at leisure, which makes me invigorating and refreshing,” said Kim Jin Ok.

Her son, who entered a primary school last year, also joined the Taekwon-Do group, she added.

All the teachers of the kindergarten are now training hard while making the effective use of their leisure time with an eye to holding over the first dan by following the example of Kim. And their enthusiasm for Taekwon-Do is spreading the kindergartens across the country beyond the boundaries of its district and city.

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