Culinary Culture of Korea

Spring kimchi, seasonal food favoured by all

The Korean people have prepared kimchi with wild edible greens and fresh vegetables in spring to widely use it in their dietary life since olden times.

There are various kinds of spring kimchi including young bok choy, anise, bean sprouts and giant garlic kimchis.

Among them, young bok choy kimchi made by adding red spring radish and parsley stem, and kimchi made of giant garlic which gives off unique smell with the combination of sweet and hot tastes are the favourite dishes of Koreans.

Spring kimchi made of wild edible greens and vegetables growing in early spring contains a great deal of essential nutritive substances including vitamin C, Na, K and Ca, and has a refreshing yet plain taste.

Its preparation method is simple, and it is very effective in relieving inappetence and fatigue that are often experienced in the period of seasonal change.

According to culinary experts, giant garlic kimchi, in particular, is very good for invigoration and improving health as it contains abundant protein, fat, glucide, mineral matters (Ca, P, Fe, Co) and vitamins (B1, B2, C, PP) and stimulates human appetite.

At present, various kinds of spring kimchi made by housewives and kimchi factories constitute one of the main side dishes in families of the DPRK.

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