Patriotic People

Repairman Basks In Public Admiration


Every Nampho citizen knows Ham Thae Song who works at the optician’s of the Hanggu District Public Service Management Station in Nampho.

“As the saying goes, ‘The eye is the pearl of the face.’ And glasses are indispensable especially to us aged. Ham Thae Song provides us free with just fit and smart glasses. He is really an obliging and respectable man,” said Kim Ha Chon, a war veteran in his 80s living in Sangdaedu-dong, Nampho.

Ham is greatly admired by people as he has devoted his sincerity to war veterans and disabled soldiers not only in the city but also in other parts of the country.

He came to work at the public service management station as he got hurt by accident more than two decades ago.

With a quick eye for learning things and a liking for light electrical appliances, he had intended to become a repairer of fridge and other electronic appliances, but on hearing the station was short of spectacle repairman, he volunteered to be one.

The mending of glasses was unfamiliar to him and required delicate workmanship, so he worked diligently and came to have many customers soon afterwards.

Whenever the husky man fixed the small spectacles perfectly, customers would lavish praise on him, saying “his enormous hands are so dexterous”.

As there was no optician’s in the city at the time, Ham made glass lens himself to provide service.

To this end, he visited libraries and many other places in the capital city and local areas to acquire relevant skills and devoted a great deal of time and energy to secure necessary facilities.

“It was exhausting to pore over technical books and travel round to procure necessary facilities while providing customers with service. But the warm, friendly voices of customers calling me ‘our repairman’ were a constant source of encouragement,” recalled Ham.

Later, his workshop was equipped with a full set of equipment for making all kinds of glasses including sunglasses.

He provided war veterans, disabled soldiers and persons of merit with free service.

“His sincerity and devotion to them warmed the hearts of many and so everybody admires him,” said attendant Choe Song Hui.

“After learning about his kind deeds through the mass media, I wrote to Ham on behalf of our veterans in Songchon County in South Phyongan Province who wanted him to manufacture their glasses. Then he came to our county to make spectacles for over 20 veterans,” said war veteran Kim Un Gun.

Recorded in his service log are the addresses and eyesight of more than 2,000 war veterans and disabled soldiers who received free service from him.

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