News Pieces

Over 1M Pieces of Information Added to Sci-Tech Complex’s Databank


Over 1.43 million pieces of information about science and technology have newly been added to the database of the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang.

The new data contain scientific and technological achievements made in various sectors of the national economy in recent years.

To cite a few examples, they are “On effective use of energy in rural area”, “Ultrasonic treatment technology for removing lime and sulphur from coal”, “Molecular biology technology”, “Modern robotics”, and “Corn cultivation and processing”.

They also include videos, magazines and science news materials on information technology, nanotechnology, bioengineering and viral infectious diseases.

The Sci-Tech Complex uploads extensive data to its website in various forms so that scientists, technicians, lecturers, working people, youth and schoolchildren can conveniently browse any data they want.

Videos and photos including e-books, science films and sports news are popular with the visitors as they are helpful in educating children at schools and in families and in learning the secrets about scientific research.

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