Meaningful Lecture


The Pyongyang University of Architecture is a pedigree establishment for training talented architects of the country.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the university in November Juche 102 (2013).

He said it is a great pride of the Workers’ Party of Korea to have the Pyongyang University of Architecture, a base of competent architects and reliable centre for training talented construction scientists and technicians, and highly praised the achievements made by the university in the past.

He looked round different places of the university and dropped in at the fine art practice room.

Looking at the future architects, Kim Jong Un asked them how long it takes to make a personal sketch.

Hearing a reply that about 5 minutes would do, he told them to sketch for about 10 minutes and selected an official as a model.

He spent his precious time, seeing poor drawing of the students. An official of the university showed him a collection of architectural designs created by students.

Looking at the designs one by one attentively, he praised that they had been drawn well.

Ten minutes passed and he approached the students and, seeing their unfinished sketches, pointed out the merits and demerits.

The officials, teachers and students were surprised at the instructions of Kim Jong Un who, looking at some pictures, taught in detail the requirements and ways of the drawing practice which should describe the essential features of an object intensively and quickly.

Sung Chol Ryong, Deputy Department Head of the Pyongyang University of Architecture, says: “The 20-minute lecture given by Kim Jong Un fascinated the teachers and students. His unforgettable lecture taught them what a high ability they should have to reach the acme of architecture and let them know his deep love and devotion for honouring the country.”

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