To Develop More Medicines


The medicines from the Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are popular for their varieties and high efficacy.

Scientists of the Medicine Institute of the factory are exerting themselves to develop new medicines to be conducive to improving the people’s health.
In recent years Researcher Hong Yong Il has developed different kinds of medicines including traumatic.

It was some years ago that he began the research into the new application. At that time, the development of new medicines applying advanced technology called for solving too many technological problems.

Hong Yong Il made painstaking efforts to study and complete in Korean style the pharmaceutical technology of the traumatic which was known that its production is possible only in some countries.

In the course of experiment he had fallen down because of an unexpected gas generation. However, he neither shrank back nor gave up but further intensified his researches.

After his constant speculation and pursuit, he developed the traumatic gel that reached the advanced level in all the technical indices.

In addition, he developed in succession injections good for prevention and treatment of surgical and internal diseases including medicines for treatment of gastric ulcer showing high curative value while shortening the period of treatment.

Those medicines he developed were highly estimated at the National Exhibition of Sci-Tech Successes in the Field of Public Health last year as they have high pharmacological effect and great significance in clinical practice.

He says: “I think I have more things to do in the future. Not resting content with the successes, I will develop a greater number of highly efficacious medicines with domestic resources and materials, making an active contribution to the life of the people and to improving their health.”

Hong Yong Il is working hard to support the popular health policy of the country with greater medical scientific research findings.

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