Video: Ryongwang Pavilion, National Cultural Heritage

Ryongwang Pavilion was built in the mid-6th century, as the eastern terrace of the inner castle of the Walled City of Pyongyang in the period of Koguryo (B.C. 277-A.D. 668), and was rebuilt in 1670.

The picturesque pavilion has a hanging board with letters reading “The most beautiful place in the world” written by a foreign envoy and a wood block carrying an unfinished poem written by a poet of Koryo Kingdom (918-1392).

It shows the excellent architecture and colorful painting decoration of the Korean nation.

An anecdote says that a foreign painter visiting the DPRK after the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) enjoyed the colorful painting patterns at the pavilion, even lying on the floor. The pavilion also tells stories about the Korean people’s patriotic struggle against the Japanese invaders.

The pavilion is situated on a bank of the Taedong River in Taedongmun-dong of Central District, Pyongyang.

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