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DPRK Teacher Active as Editor of Int’l Scientific Journal


Kim Chol Hyon, a teacher of Kim Chaek University of Technology in the DPRK, is working as an editor of the international scientific journal “Non-Metallic Material Science”.

Kim completed the postgraduate course of the university and started his career as a teacher at the Laser Engineering Department of the Physics Engineering Faculty in Juche 98 (2009).

He presented his first treatise to an international scientific journal “IEEE Access” in 2018 and, since then, has come to the notice of editorial departments of various scientific journals.

His treatise “Effect of Linewidth Enhancement Factor on Fringe in a Self-mixing Signal and Improved Estimation of Feedback Factor in Laser Diode” was firstly carried in the “IEEE Access” published in March 2019. With this as an occasion, the “Non-Metallic Material Science” and the “International Journal of Information and Communication Sciences” invited him to work as an editor at their editorial departments.

So, he became the editor of the “Non-Metallic Material Science” in May 2019. And he evaluated an e-mail treatise sent by the “Applied Optics”, a SCI international scientific journal, in November 2019 and its editorial department requested him to work as an evaluator in December that year.

International scientific journals, “Optics Communication” of Netherlands and “Measurement Science and Technology” of Britain, too, carried his treatises this year.

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