A Popular Researcher


Officials and researchers of the Information Engineering Institute under the State Academy of Sciences lavish praises on researcher Cha Kwang Hyok, saying “he is needed at their institute” and “he is a treasure playing a big role”.

He has played a pivotal role in scientific researches for establishing the computer integrated manufacture system at a number of industrial establishments including Tree Nursery No. 122 of the Korean People’s Army, the Samjiyon Potato Farina Production Factory and the Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory.

Researcher Cha Kwang Hyok says: “The computer integrated manufacture system consists of enterprise resource planning system, production management system and automatic control system. I developed two of them, that is, the enterprise resource planning system and the production management system.”

What he attached importance in developing those two systems on a high level was to ensure the effectiveness in conformity with the conditions and real situations of the units concerned.

For the purpose, he exerted himself to understand the processes ranging from the raw material feeding to the forwarding of products on the spot. Lending an ear to the voices of officials and employees, he groped for a rational way to promptly and correctly do the project, talents, technical, equipment and power management as well as the process, resource and quality control according to their demands. Pooling wisdom and passion with the masses, he managed and controlled all the systems of production comprehensively while promoting researches to ensure optimization one by one.

As a result, his research findings were recognized as the most practical ones all the time, making an active contribution to establishing the computer integrated manufacture system. So he is always invited not only by the officials and researchers of the institute but also by employees of those units establishing the computer integrated manufacture system. Because they know well about his sincerity as he does any work with responsibility, considering the profitability.

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