With Single Heart


“I could bear the pain from illness. But I could not hold back my tears of gratitude for the warm sincerity shown to me.”

This was said by a 21-year-old girl who received medical treatment at Kim Man Yu Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang some time ago.

Her name is An Mi Gyong. She became a weaver of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill three years ago. She assiduously improved her skills and carried out her assignment under the national economic plan before others every year. This year she was the first to fulfil the first half-yearly quota in the mill.

Health workers visit workplaces to give medical treatment to the working people devoting themselves to prosperity of the country.

Early in February, medical workers of Kim Man Yu Hospital came to the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill.

Choe Un Chol, Head of the Renal Internal Laboratory of Kim Man Yu Hospital, says: “An Mi Gyong is a labour innovator who worked hard to contribute to solving the clothing issue of the people by weaving even one metre more of cloth. The field treatment team of our hospital found out her disease while having a regular checkup for the employees of the mill. So we put her into the hospital as an emergency case and took relevant curative measures.”

Therapies for recovering her quickly were applied through a number of consultations and the patient began to take a favourable turn thanks to the utmost care of her doctor Ri Yong Ho and nurse Song Il Hwa.

As the pain disappeared, she felt lonely somewhere in the back of her mind. She longed for the affection of kinsmen far away in her hometown.

But warm kindred affection was shown to her. All the medical workers of the laboratory including head Choe Un Chol and doctors Yu Kwang Hyok and Choe Pyol I prepared overnight thick chicken soup and other nutritious and special foods for her.

The next morning they entered her room at mealtime as if prearranged. She was moved to see them.

When an 8-year-old girl who visited the patient next to her gave her a red tomato, calling her aunt, and another patient of her mother’s age pleased her with a happy joke, An Mi Gyong silently shed tears of gratitude for their kindness.

She said to herself: “All are the same family members in my country. I will work harder for the grateful country and people. I don’t think I have enough time to stay here any longer.”

On the 12th day of her hospitalization, a quarrel broke out between An Mi Gyong and her doctor. The girl insisted on leaving the hospital and the doctor on further treatment.

That evening the doctors of the laboratory sat together and said: Let us help the admirable girl who wants to work harder for the country. In view of her health conditions, she can receive necessary treatment in the workplace. Let us go to the mill and give medical treatment to her.

That was how the girl could stand before her looms again.

Medical workers of Kim Man Yu Hospital came almost every day for the treatment of An Mi Gyong.

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