To Hand Over Treasure of Eternal Value


Forest resource is a valuable treasure of the country to be handed over to all generations.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un has devoted himself to hand over the treasure of eternal value to the coming generations and his leadership is bringing a new history of change to this land.


He made public the work “Let the Entire Party, the Whole Army and All the People Conduct a Vigorous Forest Restoration Campaign to Cover the Mountains of the Country with Green Woods” on February 26, Juche 104 (2015), which would serve as an important guideline in restoring the forest of the country, infusing the entire people with patriotism.


He called at the Central Tree Nursery under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, Tree Nursery No. 122 of the Korean People’s Army and the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery to turn them into modern ones that put the sapling production on a highly scientific, industrial and intensive footing. He also ensured that similar ones were wonderfully built in all parts of the country with them as a model.

And he saw that science and technology play the leading role in the forest creation and conservancy and everybody plants trees qualitatively and cultivates them with sincerity.


Thanks to his wise guidance, firm material and technological foundation of the sapling production has been laid in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the mountains of the country are changing day by day.

Under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, the Korean people will conduct a more vigorous forest restoration campaign and thus change all the mountains of the country into golden mountains and treasure mountains thick with green woods in the near future.

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