Korean Architecture Based on People-First Principle


Architecture is a material and mental and cultural wealth of the society.

The appearance of an era will be reflected on the architecture showing the full aspects of politics, economy and culture of a country intuitively and comprehensively.

The First Grand Workshop of Officials in the Field of Construction was held in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in December Juche 102 (2013).


The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un sent a historic letter to the participants in the workshop, which serves as an important guideline in ushering in the period of great prosperity in construction of Korea.

In the letter he said the socialist architecture is, in essence, the architecture based on the people-first principle, and continued:

Top priority should be given to the aspiration, demand and convenience of the people in construction and the ideological and artistic value and utility be perfectly provided to meet the emotion and aesthetic sense of the people.

It is necessary to apply the people-first principle in construction to firmly maintain the Juche character and properly combine the national character and modernity and build monumental creations that are perfect even in distant future. This is the basic principle we should maintain in the construction and the fundamental core of the idea on Juche-based architecture, he added.


Thanks to his wise leadership, many monumental edifices have been built in the DPRK in recent few years, providing the people with a happier cultural and emotional life.

Typical of them are Ryomyong Street, Mirae Scientists Street, the Hostel of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, the Okryu Children’s Hospital and the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital.

Happy laughter is heard from all the monumental creations based on the people-first principle.


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