Officials of WPK Central Committee Pay Congratulatory Visit to KPA Artillery Battalion


People throughout the country are warmly congratulating the combatants of an artillery battalion of the 3rd Corps of the Korean People’s Army (KPA). It showed amazing combat capability at the artillery fire competition between large combined units of the KPA on the western front which took place under the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The artillery battalion was honored with the special thanks and congratulatory autograph of the Supreme Leader.

On Mar. 24, officials of the Organizational Leadership Department and the Information and Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) paid a congratulatory visit to the artillery battalion.

The soldiers of the unit warmly greeted the officials who visited the unit with the great love of the Supreme Leader who is always thoughtful of the master gunners on the western front.


The officials of the Party Central Committee warmly congratulated the service personnel who were honored with the battalion of master gunners being blessed by the illustrious commander of Mt Paektu.

The soldiers put on display the master gunner certificate bearing the congratulatory autograph of the Supreme Leader in the battalion headquarters and the companies.


Looking at the immortal congratulatory autograph with deep emotion, the soldiers expressed deep gratitude for Kim Jong Un who made the highest appreciation of the success made by the battalion in the competition and has continued to show the battalion paternal love.

The officials of the Party Central Committee read the officers and soldiers the letters of encouragement and listened to the merits the artillerymen performed in the service days, deepening the kindred feelings.

They acquainted themselves in detail with the service life of the artillerymen as their parents would do and handed over lots of aid materials they had sincerely prepared to the artillerymen.

They also visited the houses of officers of the unit and had friendly conversations with their wives, who are devoting themselves to defending the country and improving the life of the soldiers with their husbands. And they gave them a pep talk.

They asked the artillery battalion to continue to exalt their honor of being a-match-for-a-hundred artillerymen in the van of the whole army in the future too, in hearty response to the training-first policy of the Party.

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