With Unique Teaching Methods


Educators are creating unique teaching methods in their constant pursuit and thinking, contributing to education. Among them is teacher Choe So Ryon at the Kim Song Ju Primary School in the capital city Pyongyang.

She has been teaching for over 20 years. In those days she has applied new teaching methods to educational practice.

In recent years she has made and introduced a new teaching method applying virtual and augmented reality technology and computer-using method like game.

Choe So Ryon says: “The primary school children dislike repeat and monotony, whereas they like moving steadily. On the contrary to their psychology, however, primary schools give them many home tasks necessitating a lot of repeat. For helping them carry out their home tasks, it is necessary to create different surroundings according to their feelings. In such circumstances the pupils will study hard without feeling tedium to do their tasks.”

The teaching method applying the virtual and augmented reality technology is introduced into middle schools beyond the stage of primary school. Choe So Ryon had conceived the method while looking round the Children’s Dream Hall in the Sci-Tech Complex. The space of virtual reality is chosen freely, such as the sea, river, lake and forest. It is used in fully developing the thinking faculty and memory of the pupils during the foreign language lessons which demand vivid speaking circumstances.

The pupils are also interested in the game-like teaching method, which helps them take an active part in the lessons and have a good understanding of the teaching contents.

Choe So Ryon is still striving to create useful and superior new teaching methods.

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