Tinge Of Spring Reflects On Citizens’ Attire


Spring is felt in every Pyongyang street.

Pliant willow twigs are colouring up along the riverside and buildings have shaken off winter lethargy. Along with them people have also changed markedly in their attire.

Many have changed from dark and thick winter clothes into light and bright spring dress.

“People’s outfits have markedly changed from last spring. Not only young people but also the middle-aged prefer light-coloured overcoats and jackets. The streets seems to have become brighter,” said Kim Myong Gil, trolley-bus driver plying between Pyongyang Railway Station and West Pyongyang.

“We now receive lots of orders for overcoats. Our coats made in various styles with various decorations enhance the customers’ figures,” said Jo Kyong Ae, chief of the tailor’s shop on Chollima Street in Central District, Pyongyang.

“Cream, light grey, light pink and verdant green colours brighten people’s attire and meet the sentiments of our Korean people who favour noble and elegant things,” she added.

According to saleswoman Son Ok Ju, the shop designs overcoats to suit the customers’ complexions and figures and they come in those with turndown or closed collars, collarless ones, those with narrow or wide sleeves or slightly slit sleeves and those with such decorative elements as ribbon, floral pattern and stripes, and therefore the customers like them very much.

“I used to opt for deep-coloured clothes in view of my occupation and age. But this time, I ordered a cream-coloured overcoat on the advice of the shop’s dressmaker. My colleagues and all my acquaintances say I look younger and livelier,” said Kim Song Hui, middle-aged woman official of the Ministry of Public Health.

At present, men also favour light-coloured suits instead of their conventional black or dark blue clothes.

Young men choose cream and light grey suits, while middle-aged and elderly men select light brown ones.

The original ideas of designers are transformed into nice garments by skilled tailors to give pleasure to customers.

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