New Method of Treating Cancer Established in DPRK

A new method of treating cancer by fibroin seed with radioactive nuclide has been recently established in the DPRK.

Generally, the radioactive nuclide brachytherapy is a method of inserting radioactive sources (seed) sealed with glass or metal into tumor or putting them close to it. This therapy is drawing the attention of the world medical circles, but it has some defects.

Scientists of the DPRK made 98 percent radioactive nuclide and fibroin seed with their own technology and domestic raw materials and established a method of treating cancer on this basis.

In this regard, Choe Il Song, a researcher of the Tumor Institute of the Academy of Medical Science, told KCNA:

The clinical trials proved that the new seed with radioactive nuclide for brachytherapy has no rejection and is safe for human body.

The new method by fibroin seed with radioactive nuclide helps gradually kill cancer cells by directly inserting the seed into tumor while giving no effect of radioactive rays on normal organism.

It is very effective for cancer treatment as fibroin is absorbed into organism after radioactive brachytherapy.

This method has been applied to the treatment of various cancers like malignant tumor in different parts of a human body.

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