How Could They Win Popularity Of The People?


All the Korean people like the “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes.

The “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes are highly estimated at the National Footwear Exhibition held every year.

The “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes produced at the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory are winning popularity of the people and it is unthinkable apart from the devoted efforts of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Whenever he visited the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, Kim Jong Un paid deep concern to the quality of the shoes.

He called at the factory in January Juche 104 (2015). What he paid a special concern that day was the issue of raising the quality of the shoes produced at the factory.

He stopped walking before the shoes on display. Seeing several pairs of shoes one by one, he weighed them in person.

With an air of satisfaction he said the people can be provided with good-quality and light shoes and a progress has been made in meeting the demand of the Workers’ Party of Korea for lightening shoes.

He also said the factory should produce a greater number of good-quality and smart shoes so that the “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes could be well-known.

When he visited the factory afterwards, Kim Jong Un said all things to be provided to the people should be on the world’s highest level and gave a task to keep raising quality of the shoes.

Like this, the “Maebongsan”-trademarked shoes could win popularity of the people as famous products thanks to his meticulous guidance.

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