For Correctness Of Weather Forecast


Today, the natural disasters caused by abnormal climatic conditions are threatening the lives of people and greatly affecting their daily life.

The State Hydro-Meteorological Administration of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is directing efforts to predicting the abnormal climatic phenomena by the global warming and coping with them in time.

Ryu Pong Chol, Head of the Central Weather Forecast Team, says: “It is the most responsible and important task for our weather forecast to correctly forecast in advance the disastrous meteorological phenomena including drought, high temperature and heavy rain. Our Central Weather Forecast Team is directing great efforts to renovating the weather forecast methods and ensuring the promptness and correctness of the forecast.”

All of the team have turned out to hit the goal of putting the forecast on a high IT basis in conformity with the requirements of the developing times.

The members of the team pooled their wisdom and zeal to establish a new weather forecast method suitable for the nature and terrain of the country. They intensified researches into weather forecast, hydrology, oceanography, physiography and other relevant fields. Through constant speculation and pursuit, they digitized the materials on the past forecast and saved them in the data base, making the weather forecast more correct.

Recently, they have also introduced a number of valuable information technologies including the Comprehensive System for Analyzing the Data on Meteorological Observation into the weather forecast.

In addition, they wrote e-books such as “Collection of Materials on Disastrous Weather” and disseminated them to the whole country and comprehensively analyzed and systematized the types and causes of the abnormal climatic phenomena in the rainy season.

Aware that their job is an honorable work to protect the lives and property of the people and the natural resources of the country, they continue their speculation and pursuit to increase the level of scientification of the weather forecast.

Forecaster Kim Ji Hyang says: “Weather forecast is very important in the economic development of the country and the daily life of the people. So, we are striving to ensure the correctness of the daily weather forecast according to the change of seasons.”

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