Active Use of Natural Energy


Natural energy is actively developed and used in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Korean Industrial Art Association is making an active use of solar energy to supply necessary electricity by itself, thus contributing to solving the issue of strained electricity of the country.

What caught the eyes of the visitors is the conspicuous solar panels installed on the roof of the smart building.


Set up on the roof are one hundred and scores of solar panels with the capacity of hundreds of watts, which generate tens of thousand kilowatts of electricity every year.

The officials and employees of the association finished the installation of those solar panels in several months.They also set up several inverters of big capacity suited to their actual conditions and established a perfect electric power control system by computer, making it possible to control them in a scientific way. On this basis, they are saving the electricity to the maximum while putting the rest of electricity into the state power network.


The solar energy is used to supply the electric power needed for running the welfare facilities including the dining hall and the bath house as well as office rooms, art creation room, meeting hall and elevator.

Official Choe Jong Hyok says: “We are producing electricity by dint of solar panels. We find several good points. Using the natural energy gives no shortage of electricity. It also provides a great help to the employees in their life.

We are operating the sauna by dint of far infrared radiant panels, which keeps the environment clean and contributes to improving the health of the creators.”

The Korean Industrial Art Association is properly organizing the work to increase production of electricity by solar panels and make an effective use of it.

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