Field Guidance Given Deep At Night


Holidayers are fully enjoying civilization at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort with modern service facilities, skiing area and riding park in good harmony with picturesque landscape.

This is how such a wonderful fairyland has been built in a deep mountain.


In August Juche 107(2018), the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un left for Yangdok County deep at night with a plan to build a comprehensive and modern model hot spring resort for medical treatment and tourism.

He said to officials that he was going to inspect the hot spring area in Yangdok County which had been estimated as a favourable place after several days of consideration and build a wonderful recreation resort there.

He learned about the important characteristics of hot spring including its output and water temperature together with the officials for a long time and fixed the area as the right place for the hot spring resort.

That day Kim Jong Un selected a site for a hotel and instructed on building good self-cooking lodgings and different kinds of modern service complexes around it.

He underlined the need to build not only the indoor and outdoor spa baths but also individual, public and remedial baths to give different kinds of services.

Thanks to his devotion for the people, the Korean people are enjoying a civilized life to their hearts’ content.

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