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Exhibition Hall Brims With Visitors To Mark International Women’s Day


The number of visitors to the cosmetics exhibition hall of the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory is growing on the threshold of March 8 International Women’s Day.

According to Han Kum Byol, chief of the exhibition hall, most of the customers are men these days.

On display at the exhibition hall, which was inaugurated before Mother’s Day (November 16) three years ago, are 420-odd varieties of cosmetics in over 140 kinds produced by the factory.

It is said that the best sellers are anti-ageing, rose, moisturizing and whitening cosmetics.

Among them, the anti-ageing cosmetics consisting of lotion, milk cream and serum are most popular with young and middle-aged women as they help adjust the balance of moisture, enhance elasticity and remove wrinkles.

“Since I presented my wife with anti-ageing cosmetics last year, she has been using the cosmetics on a regular basis,” said Kim Song Chol, staffer of the Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326.

A growing number of customers demand the moisturizing cosmetics.

“On holidays, especially International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, our exhibition hall always bustles with male customers who want to buy cosmetics for women,” said saleswoman Ri Ok Gum.

“I’ve never imagined that there are so many cosmetics for women. I wonder what kind of cosmetics I shall choose for the women workers in our workplace,” said Yun Chang Nam, a workteam leader of the Pyongyang Bag Factory.

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