Foreign Affairs

DPRK FM Spokesperson Issues Statement

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK issued the following statement on March 7:

On March 5, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Estonia held the UN Security Council emergency meeting and announced a so-called “joint statement” denouncing the drill of our army.

As is widely known to the world, the UK, France and Germany have followed in the footsteps of the US to take the lead in denouncing us since May 2019, while repeating an absurd argument of “condemnation” and “violation of resolutions” of the UN whenever we conducted military drills.

The routine drills of our army are just the same as those conducted by any country around the world. But, only our military drills are on the lips of weird countries for their denunciation every time. After all, it is no more than a logic that we should give up our right to self-defence.

The UK, France and Germany are taking issue with our military actions in each and every case, as they cannot speak it out.

If even a routine drill of the multiple launch rocket system artillerymen should be a target of condemnation and an alleged “violation of resolutions”, then with what can we hold in check the military forces of the US and south Korea in front of our eyes and how can we defend our State?

They should put forth an argument to be understood by everyone and to be convinced especially by us to demand observance. If they blindly call our self-defence actions into question as now, it is, in the long run, tantamount to forcing us to abandon the defence of our own State.

The illogical thinking and sophism of those countries are just gradually bearing a close resemblance to the US which is hostile to us.

The reckless behaviour of those countries instigated by the US will become a fuse to trigger our another momentous reaction.

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