Conclusion Found By A Journalist


“Korea is a powerful country of people with a great strength and eternal vitality no any big country can have as she is striking her root in the fertile soil called the people.”

This was said by Manju Ratna Sakya, Chairman of the Nepal Journalist Association, who has formed relation with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for tens of years.

It was in the 1960s that Manju Ratna Sakya began to have a deep study of the DPRK.

After graduating from a university, he took a job as journalist and wrote many articles on the DPRK. The DPRK is bringing about surprising miracles and changes and what kind of country is it? What kind of man is the leader of Korea? These were the themes of his articles.

He often visited the DPRK to see its reality with his own eyes and in the course, his admiration and amazement grew.

In June 1979, he was received by the great leader Kim Il Sung in a local city of Korea. While presiding over an important meeting related to the issue of economy, Kim Il Sung made time to meet a delegation of journalists of Nepal.

Later, as to his impulse, Manju Ratna Sakya wrote in an article as follows: “I have visited many countries of the world but I have neither met a leader guiding on the spot even the technical reconstruction of an enterprise for development of the country and happiness of the people, nor heard of it.

After meeting with him, all members of my delegation including me said in unison that Kim Il Sung is not a mere state leader but the greatest leader and the only man who can make the whole world happy.”

In the 2000s, too, his visit to the DPRK continued and his keen eyes as journalist were fixed on it.

The great leader Kim Jong Il was continuing his field guidance for happiness of the people and for defending peace while resolutely smashing the tenacious blockade and pressure of the hostile forces with Songun (military-first) politics. He was really the guardian of destiny of the people and the creator of their happiness.

That is why the Nepal Journalist Association listed Kim Jong Il as its honorary special member and awarded him the “Nepal International Peace Prize” first in the world.

In the days of his continued visit to the DPRK, Manju Ratna Sakya was convinced that the political programme of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il based on the idea of people-first principle is implemented by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un is enforcing the politics for people under the slogans “Everything for the People, Everything by Relying on Them!” and “Let the Whole Party Make Selfless, Devoted Efforts for the Good of the Great People!”.

Seeing the DPRK rise high at the centre of the world under his leadership, Manju Ratna Sakya firmly believed that the DPRK is the one and only powerful country of people in the world which is different from the big powers boasting of their population, territory, resources and wealth.

In an article titled “Korea, a Great and Powerful Country of People” written in May 2016, he said: “The DPRK is quite a new type of powerful country built on the basis of the people-first principle. This is the conclusion I got in the course of covering the DPRK from the 1960s and studying and disseminating the Juche idea for more than 30 years.”

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