Precedence Given to Sapling Production


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regards afforestation as the greatest patriotic undertaking for the development of the country and prosperity of all generations to come.

The capital Pyongyang is also directing great efforts to the sapling production in order to make the regions with mountains thick with green woods.

The Hyongjesan District Forestry Management Station built a tree nursery well and is giving priority to the sapling production so as to turn all mountains in the district into useful forests of economic value. Particularly, it is growing a lot of oil-bearing and wild fruit saplings of great utility value.

The station built a plastic panel greenhouse automatically controlling temperature and humidity in the tree nursery and is making full preparations for two-round production of saplings a year.

It also established a photovoltaic power generating system to fully supply electric power needed for sapling production and irrigation and built nurseries between woods in different places to increase the rooting rate of the saplings.

The employees of the station learn modern science and technology at the sci-tech learning space and actively introduce advanced sapling production methods.

They also take scientific measures to increase the fertility of the sapling fields and prevent damages from harmful insects.

Thanks to their devoted efforts, various good species of saplings needed for afforestation are growing healthily in the fields of the Forestry Management Station.

Manager Pak Yong Jin says: “Sapling production is important for turning the mountains in the district into useful gold mountains and treasure mountains.

We are going to plant a lot of wild fruit trees including chestnut, pine-nut, wild vine and tara vine for the benefits of the people.”

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