Socialist Education System

On the matter of the DPRK’s literacy rate

DPRKoreans reading books

Many detractors and critics of the DPRK claim that the DPRK falsely claims to have a 100% literacy rate.

This is, in fact, a myth. For, it is not the DPRK that says that, but rather the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), run by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The data is available at . These statistics are not government-reported, but rather came from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) used by humanitarian workers (who were present on account of the Arduous March famine), which is conducted independently of government.

But how is it possible that every single adult in the DPRK is literate?

It is not possible. According to the UIS statistics, of those surveyed, UN workers found 331 illiterate DPRKoreans. However, this was such a small percentage of those surveyed that the literacy rate number merely rounded to 100%.

The DPRK’s literacy rate is, thus, verified by an objective source as being the highest in the world, a true testament to the merits of the DPRK’s socialist education system.

Long live the DPRK!

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