Relics of Taejong Faith Unearthed in Mt Paektu

Relics of Taejong Faith (a Korean religion of worshipping Tangun, the founding father of the Korean nation) have recently been discovered on the ridge of Janggun Peak of Mt Paektu.

They are a 31-cm-long and 21.5-cm-wide marble slab inscribed with 81 letters, and an equilateral triangle-shaped blue-coloured jade slab each side of which is 17.5 cm long.

An academic research group of Kim Il Sung University proved that the marble slab dating back to the 1930s is the stone pattern of Chonbugyong, one of the main scriptures of Taejong Faith, and that the jade slab unearthed two metres away from it is symbolic of Tangun.

The marble slab is a new form of epigraphs as compared to others that have so far been unearthed. It bears the letters of the text of the main scripture of Taejong Faith that had been used thousands of years ago.

The relics of an altar and a pavilion housing a monument to the Dragon God in the period of feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910) had already been unearthed in the area of Mt Paektu in the past. The newly discovered relics, together with them, show that the Korean people have long since revered Mt Paektu as their ancestral mountain.

Categories: Culture, History

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